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Besides the outside beauty of a satin nickel spa tub set up, there is a long list of proper mechanics that goes in behind the walls to make that final product work properly. Much value should be placed in the workings of that "engine under the hood". Don't trust that a difficult mechanical system can be built by your neighborhood repair guru, or even by your local repair plumbing contractor. Most repair plumbing contractors haven't got a clue how to create plumbing systems from scratch. Use only a design capable contractor for your plumbing needs. Below is an example of the complexity of a master shower thermostatic mixer valve set up with body sprays, over head rain system, hand held spray system etc. Give us a call for tenant improvements, new custom home construction, new commercial design or remodel. Commercial/residential   repair, trenchless sewer replacement, water heater change outs to high efficiency tank less units or just some fixture upgrades. We're here to help you.

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