Drain cleaning


Blocked Drains - an unavoidable nuisance that everyone must endure at some point in time. At  Castle Hill Plumbing and Heating drain cleaners we specialize in unblocking drains with a variety of drain cleaners and drain clearing devices.

There are many common factors that contribute to blocked drains & bathroom plumbing problem, but the main two are general use and abuse. Scale, silt, grease, dirt, hair, and an array of foreign objects accumulate in drains and cause drain blockages. All drains and pipes need drain clearing/cleaning at some point and it is only when they become blocked that we think about them. External factors can also play a part in the health and well being of your drains and pipes- tree roots, renovations, extreme weather conditions can all cause damage to pipes.

At Castle Hill Plumbing and Heating are able to locate and unblock your drains quickly and easily thanks to the drain cleaning technologies.

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